Brownfield-Byrne Hot 6

Unbelievably it is over four years since we had the pleasure of hearing this young band at Nottingham. They should have been with us in March but the “Beast from the East” attacked us with too much force and the gig was abandoned with mutual agreement. This was the earliest date that suited the band and our planned programme and it is clear from members’ comments that it is none too soon. If you don’t remember, this band swings; with Andy Hulme on guitar, Jim Swinnerton on bass and Jack Cotterill on drums, would you expect anything else? The two piece front line of trumpeter Jamie Brownfield and Liam Byrne on reeds give us the tunes and the harmonies and that superb pianist Tom Kincaid links the links the whole together. Definitely a “get there early” if you want a good seat.