Doc Houlind’s New Orleans Revival All Stars

Of the New Orleans revival bands, Doc Houlind’s is right up there with the best so we arrange our schedule to make sure they come to us when they visit England. This will be their third visit and the personnel is unlikely to be changed from last year. The Doc, of course directs things from the drum kit and has the exiled British bass player Brian Turnock (how many New Orleans bands has he played with?) and the Alton Purnell styled pianist Lis Kryøer completing the rhythm section. Who needs a banjo? The first time Doc Houlind came to Nottingham he was playing trumpet but now his regular man is Ragnar Gratow. Christian Baroed plays trombone and the superb (George Lewis at his best) Jesper Capion Larsen excels on clarinet. A full house is likely so be there early to get a good seat.