Jeff Barnhart/Enrico Tomasso Armstrong Legacy

Jeff Barnhart has been coming to UK for more years than we can remember and for some time now he has used well known British musicians to give us a programme with a particular musician or style in mind. This time he calls his group his Armstrong Legacy and to portray the master who better to choose than Enrico Tomasso. As this is a five piece band, we should expect at least a smattering of Hot Five numbers but who knows? Jeff always manages to surprise us. Our own Matt Palmer will take on the Johnny Dodds role and trombonist Terry Mcgrath, last seen here with the Phoenix Jazzmen, will play the Kid Ory part. Jeff, of course, will take on the Lil Armstrong role and finally Nick Ward will play drums instead of the Hot Five banjo. As pianist and raconteur, Jeff always delights and amuses us so be there early for the best seats for a great evening.