Jeff Barnhart’s Sweet & Hot featuring “Spats” Langham

Almost a resident now, Jeff Barnhard has been coming regularly to Nottingham with a variety of different bands and musicians and his vibrant and infectious personality has endeared him to the Rhythm Club faithful. We are therefore happy to welcome him back again, this time with his “Sweet and Hot” assemblage, a group that gives a variety of different styles. Our own Matt Palmer will be providing the main front line sound on clarinet and tenor. Jeff’s wife Anne will give us the odd toot on the flute as well as singing a few songs in her own style. Another regular at Nottingham is Big Graham Smith on drums (how many bands has he come with?). Then we’ll have the ever popular Spats Langham to entertain us in his unique manner. All this will be held together with his pianistics, his vocals and his dynamism by Jeff himself. No chance of dozing off with all this going on.