John Burgess Remembering Alex Welsh

Two dedicated jazz band leaders who played in quite different styles died in the 1980s; Alex Welsh in 1982 (really! that long ago?) and Ken Colyer in 1988. Both these trumpet band leaders are revered today, none more so than Alex Welsh who will be especially remembered at this session. Two members of the Welsh band will be playing, Roy Williams on trombone and Tony Pitt on guitar and banjo, a happy connection.

John Burgess on reeds, who puts the Remembrance together, has to take on the Archie Semple role and Enrico Tomasso, who did meet Alex Welsh, now has to remind us of his sound. Fred Hunt’s piano style was quite exceptional and who better to portray him than Tom Kincaid. Finally,two musicians, no strangers to the club, Bill Coleman and Jack Cotterill will complete the rhythm section on bass and drums.When this band came last year they gave us the “woe” factor. Don’t miss.