Wabash Jazzmen (annual dinner and dance)

For our annual dinner we do try to find a band which can not only play good jazz but can add a bit of the party spirit as well. It is getting on for two years since we last welcomed the Wabash Jazzmen, a band that proves you don’t need a thumping drummer to create a solid rhythm. Most of the band will be remembered not just for their appearances with the Wabash but with other bands as well; Bill Smith with the Savannah, Mike Pembroke with the sadly missed Old fashioned Love Band for instance. Mike Hayler on clarinet and sax completes the front line. Mark Challinor on banjo and guitar and Richard Vernon on bass make the band swing. A good band together with a three course meal has traditionally been the high spot of our jazz year so, if you haven’t already bought your tickets, please ring Jim Robinson on 01509 852253 pronto so the restaurant know the number to cater for.